About Us

We are Gerard and Bianca.

Together with our 2 dogs and a little viking named Aeric and a shieldmaiden named Elenia
we live in the Eifel in Germany.

We have always been very interested in Viking and Celtic history and products.
We often went to fantasy festivals and medieval festivals.

Now we had so many horns and skulls hanging at home that it was a bit too full.
We were going to sell some of that, we decided.

Our own company in the fantasy scene has always been a dream of ours.
We actually wanted to start with fantasy figurines, but first started selling our own stuff, and importing horns.
Now one thing came from another and before you know it you have a company.

The company is called Drachenheim. This name did not just happen.
We are both interested in dragons and have several tattoos of them.
Our house is also decorated with quite a few dragons.

We started selling stuff from our living room so the name Dragon House made sense.
Our beautiful house is located in Germany and therefore the company name Drachenheim.

Because we are very interested in the Viking genre, we have increasingly gone in that direction in terms of product sales.
We only sell what we like ourselves.

We don’t so much look at quick money and high turnover per product, but sell more
from feeling what we like with good quality.
This also means that we stand behind every product we sell 100% with heart and soul.

We noticed that as a starting re-enactor there was not really much choice in product range. You are just starting to discover this great
hobby, but do not yet have the knowledge or budget to make everything yourself or to buy it from a craft song.
That is why we offer products that you can use well as a starting re-enactor. Much is based on historical finds.
With a reasonable budget and good quality. So you can look good and enjoy this hobby.

Our knowledge is constantly expanding and with it our product range.

We now sell our stuff online and sell on medieval and fantasy markets in the Netherlands and Germany.

With our own workshop we try to invent and make more and more products ourselves.
We make, among other things, processed drinking horns under the brand name Drachenhorn.
We also regularly go into the woods with our family to collect ingredients for our own line of incense.

In addition, we encounter more and more very talented craftsmen with whom we work together, so that we can always offer the most beautiful products with high quality.

The webshop is regularly updated with new products and therefore definitely worth keeping an eye on.
Updates are always posted on Facebook and Instagram to keep you informed.

We wish to convey our passion for Celtic and Norwegian culture to you with information and our beautiful products.

Gerard and Bianca
from Drachenheim