Drinking Horn

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The drinking horn is most popular for drinking your drink in style at fantasy festivals or medieval festivals.



The use of drinking horn can be traced back to the Bronze Age, Iron Age. They are used later in the Middle Ages and even today.

They were used by the ancient Germanic peoples, Saxons, and Frisians, among others. Later the Vikings and Celts also used drinking horns.

A drinking horn came from a bison, ox or buffalo.

Archaeological investigations show that in the Iron Age even drinking horns were made of iron, glass or ceramic.

These horns were elaborately decorated. These were used on important occasions or as a decoration to display wealth.

But these were also used for various rituals at, for example, the seasonal festivals.

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Rustic, Polished


No decoration, 1 Rune, 2-4 Runes, 5-7 Runes, 8-10 Runes


It is possible to have your horn decorated with runes with pyrography.

When purchasing a horn from 500ml, 1 rune is always free.

The basic price of 5 euros applies for horns under that size.

From 2-4 runes it is 5 euros extra

from 5-7 runes it is 15 euros extra

and from 7-10 runes it is 20 euros extra

Decorating the horn ensures a slightly longer delivery time. This depends on the size of the horn and the amount of runes.


Rinse with lukewarm water after use. If necessary, wash with a little washing-up liquid and rinse again.

Dry upside down.

Hot drinks cannot be drunk from the horn, and cola cannot be left in it for too long.


Our horns come from Africa and India and are individually finished by hand in Germany. This is to guarantee the highest quality.

Most of the horns we use come from the Watusi cow.

The horns come from the meat industry as a by-product and no animals are slaughtered to obtain these horns.

On the inside, each horn has been treated with food-safe lacquer, making it safe to drink without any off-taste.



A horn is a natural product and therefore no horn is the same, not even from the same cow. That is why your product may deviate from the picture.
If you are looking for a specific color, you can contact us. We will send photos and you can choose.

A horn can vary from reddish brown with white to black and white. Very special are the completely black horns.

The rustic horns are not polished, but just sanded. This to maintain the rough appearance. Of course they are lacquered and finished on the inside.


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